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Are you in a job you hate?

Is there a career goal you want to achieve, but you’re

Is there a career goal you want to achieve, but you’re

finding it challenging to get off the starting block?

Maybe it’s difficult for you to focus on the tasks you need to do

or you’re procrastinating? This is a sure sign that you lack clarity.

When you’re clear on the reasoning behind why you’re doing something, it’s so much easier to focus and get things done.

When I lost my job, my mind was foggy and I found it difficult to do anything productive towards getting unstuck.

That made me frustrated with myself, which was one of the worst emotional states to be in for decision-making.

What really helped was to list out my values for my career. Next to the values I wrote down what they meant to me.

This exercise gave me mental clarity. I was more focused and only explored positions that were aligned with my values.

Most people only consider their life values, like: money, health, family, career, personal development and fun; but when you explore the values within those values it gets way more interesting and can help you achieve success much faster.

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