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What Clients Have Said…

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"First of all, let me share that I’ve never hired anyone to coach me before. However, after getting to know Rachel through a zoom group, I realized she had the skills to help me grow beyond the limiting beliefs I had previously set for myself.


During our sessions, she listened to my concerns, helped me get clear on my goals, and asked just the right questions to allow me to go deeper within myself to arrive at solutions to behavior change. It’s like the answers were always within me and she was the catalyst to help me open up and uncover them.


She literally helped me get unstuck. She provided a strategy that I now use to remember that I am worthy, confident, and capable and that my mindset is my choice no matter what the circumstance.


I’m in the process of writing a chapter in an anthology, writing a memoir, and creating an author website, all of which I’ve never done before. Working with Rachel has given me the tools to change my mindset during times when fear and limiting beliefs may show up.


If you have goals and know you’re meant to do more in your life, but get stuck sometimes, Rachel Shieff has the knowledge, skills, and compassion to help you reach your full potential. I now completely believe in the power of coaching.


Thank you, Rachel."


Natalie T. U.S.A


Kim Neau, France 

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“I came to Rachel because I was feeling hopeless.  I was very negative and saw things negatively for a long time. I had some hard times at work and in my personal life.  I was unhappy in my situation and wasn’t enjoying life. 


I was attracted by her positivity and ‘forever young’ attitude. I liked the whole coaching process. 


Rachel is very patient. She helped uncover my problems and made a personalised program to sort my head out. Now I feel better and better.  I am very energetic at work and I have better relationships with my family.


Coaching helped me to see my blind spots and working with someone I trusted and believed in allowed me to see things differently and positively.

If you need someone to save your life, FIND RACHEL!! She is a magician in coaching!!”


G.L Entrepreneur , HongKong

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“I highly recommend Rachel. 

In a short period of time, Rachel and I were able to change my mind set from focusing on "what don't I want" to "what do I want"
Focus on what my strengths are, and identified how to utilize these strengths and to set clear and concise goals using these strengths.

Rachel has a warm and bubbly personality and felt comfortable throughout our discussion.

Having worked in aviation herself, Rachel understands what makes us pilots tick and is great at showing how we can transfer our skills elsewhere.” 


Anthony Baines, Hong Kong

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 “I was at a crossroads in my career and my personal life…. Torn in opposite directions with career goals, and family responsibilities. I was completely lost, and so fractured from ambitions that fought against maternal instinct. 


Rachel was recommended to me, and I had a clear goal- to find peace in both myself and in whatever decision I was going to make. I needed help to navigate my inner turmoil and I had a  deadline of 5 weeks to make a decision. 


Rachel listened patiently to my life story, and the journey that led me to the predicament I faced. What struck me the most, was her astute understanding and evaluation, leading to her prescription of the journey she would take me on. She clearly defined the course of action; the objectives; and the final goal. I didn’t need someone to just listen to me- I wanted clear guidance to find peace and clarity. This gave me confidence, to agree to undergo her transformative course. It would be a 12-session course normally taken weekly, but Rachel pulled out the stops and we worked tirelessly 3-4 times a week to reach my deadline.


On multiple occasions, whilst working through a topic that I drew a complete blank on, and which in that moment, made me feel completely lost and disarmed, Rachel would insightfully pose a question that somehow struck a deep chord.  In answering that question though, it would guide me through solving the problem and finding clarity.


It is her insight, and instinctive genius in raising the right questions to unlock your mind, that is crucial to unlocking your true potential. 


I can’t thank you enough Rachel for guiding me through this journey, and giving me the tools to help me find the peace and clarity I had lost along my journey, and so desperately needed to be reunited with. 


Louise, Hong Kong 

Sascha Kliegel.jpg

“I can highly recommend Rachel. Her kindness allowed me to open up to my current situation. She helped me, to take another approach on what to do next. It will still take time to assess the situation in the coming days and months, but she gave me a glimmer of hope and encouraged me to try something new. She took her time with us and really listened to what we were saying.

Thank you again Rachel for making that Zoom meeting possible! “


 Sascha Kliegel, Hong Kong


“Wow, I just had to shout from the rooftops about the power of Rachel's coaching. In our FIRST session together she helped me to DESTROY a limiting belief I have been carrying with me for as long as I can remember. In just ONE SESSION!


I am honestly mind-blown by the discoveries we made and how much this has changed my perspective. I cannot recommend Rachel enough.


She is so warm, welcoming and clearly has a lot of experience helping people understand their beliefs and how to reframe them. I'm left buzzing after our session!!" 


Vicki Reckless, UK


Sarah Ryan, UAE 

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